“The Only Place Left”, Installation

Norwegian Theater Academy-HIOF (NTA) Workshop by Celine Barel
IFF International Flavor & Fragrances Inc.
October, 2013

-hazy atmosphere seems to be the only condition left where you still can take breath-

by entering the room, you are surrounded by fog and grey-green light. You experience a wet and reflecting floor by walking barefoot through the installation. Sound of rain gives the impression of being outside while moving through an artificial space. Specially for the installation created smell evokes the memory of wet earth, seasons and weather in your mind. The setting creates a specific atmosphere in space which is received by physical senses. The imitation of familiar conditions rises the memory of reality.

Beside all the different sensations through sound, visual and touching experiences, the olfactive impression is the heart of the installation. It transforms a white gallery space into nature.

Cooperation with Camilla Hägebarth