“Golden Calf, after Exodus 32.”,  Performance

Norwegian Theatre Academy-HIOF, Fredrikstad, Norway
September 2015

“The Golden Calf” is work for the theatre developed together with American dramaturg Naomi Boyce. Using the biblical story of Aaron and The Golden Calf, we explore the contemporary issues of factory farming and the politics of torture in a performance of Image based theatre.

I am in a state of infinite production. Around me an endless supply of bountiful resources.

The things I have made thus far include: a child, a tool, a sound, a word, a sentence, a document and a speech. Also, a sculpture, an animal, rubbish, paintings, machines and homes and furniture pieces, political ideas, and more.
Some were crafted, others were byproducts, mistakes, unintended.

My creator’s warm milk suffocates me and I can no longer drink.
My lands are barren but I continue to seed.

This performance is built an age where the temptation to produce goes un-satiated. From an era when you take, when you take and you take.

Director, concept, production design, performance: Inga Aleknaviciute
Co-director, co-concept: Naomi Boyce
Sound designer, writer: Robert M. Johanson
Performer: Karoline Clasen Holland

Link to Vimeo