“A Silent Transformation of a Working Society”, Installation

Berger museum and Fossekleiva Art Center 13, Norway
Workshop by Kjartan Fønstelien
April, 2015

Installation that is located in Berger Museum, former textile factory is based on the story of the working society from the date the factory was opened in 1880 till the last day of it’s existence in 2002. Sound and light installation reflects on the decreasing number of people that have been involved in the production.

The industrial place Berger was established in 1880. And the population riced from 50 to 1500 in a short period. All of the inhabitants were related to the textile industry in some way or another. The whole place with the church, school, large factory buildings, hospital, and worker's houses was owned by one family. In the end, ten people worked in the factory and 31 of January in 2002 all production was closed.

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